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If you just received an e-mail with the subject “NEPMA Fall Training Confirmation” then you’re registered for the NEPMA Fall Training!

NOTE: If you do not receive the e-mail confirmation, then you may not have registered correctly. This most often happens when you go through the registration process with an e-mail that has already been used to register someone else. Your credit card will not have been charged either. Please try again with an e-mail address that has not been used to register someone yet. E-mail for assistance.

Here’s what to expect:
  • You will receive a registration confirmation via e-mail as well as reminders one day and one hour before each event.
    Each of these e-mails will have the link YOU need to join. Look for the “Join Webinar” button. It’s the same link for all three days, but the link is unique to you.
  • Use the “Join Webinar” link to join us and learn each day you choose to attend. Be attentive! The system tracks everything and there will be random polls. The state requires we verify you are paying attention. The survey at the end is also required for you to earn credit.
  • If you attend, you will also receive a follow-up e-mail after the event with a certificate of attendance and one last chance to take the survey. This is good backup to have, but the NEPMA team will use the registration reports we have liked to your participation in order to complete the recertification process with the states.
  • Want to check your computer, smart phone or tablet for compatibility and join a test session to see how it looks? Visit
Visit our Virtual Events FAQ Page for tips on attending!