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Board of Directors
(Jan 2020-December 2020)

The NEPMA Board meets via Zoom monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 3pm, August-April.
All members are welcome. If you are interested in attending any of these meetings, please contact for the zoom link and preparation so that you can fully participate in the conversation.

Virtual Annual Meeting & Election is December 2 | 3-4pm
Register in advance:
Complete a proxy:


Galvin J. Murphy, Yankee Pest Control, Inc., Malden, MA (781) 397-9923


Steve Oles, ACE, Orkin, Inc., Northwood, NH (603) 621-0007

Immediate Past President

Ted Brayton, ACE, Griggs & Browne Pest Control, Abington, MA (800) 244-1012


David Flynn, Burgess Pest Management, West Bridgewater, MA (508) 587-4309


Tom Drapeau, ACE, Freedom Pest Control, Topsfield, MA (877) 737-8755


Michael Bourdeau, ACE, Flynn Pest Control, Rehoboth, MA (508) 252-9661
Nick DiRusso, Pest-End inc., Plaistow, NH (781) 640-1948
Vic Palermo, ACE Ultra Safe Pest Management, Topsfield, MA (781) 821-0222
Joe Cardoso, Achieve Pest & Wildlife Solutions, Lincoln, RI (401) 335-3545
Hope  Bowman, BCE, Waltham Services, Natick, MA (781) 893-1810
Tim Francis, Food And Drug And The Bug, Portland, ME (508) 272-5685



Chair: Ted Brayton, ACE, Griggs and Brown Pest Control
Michael Bourdeau, ACE, Flynn Pest Control

Digital Committee

Chair: Vic Palermo, ACE Ultra Safe Pest Management

Public Policy

Chair: Ted Brayton, ACE, Griggs and Brown Pest Control
Bill Sieigel, Orkin Inc.

Fundraising and Scholarship

Chair:  Nick DiRusso, Pest-End Inc.
Kelley Altland, Bell Labs

Vendor Relations

Chair: Kelley Altland, Bell Labs
Kevin Moran, BCE, Forshaw

Membership & NEPMA Business

Chair: Marillian Missitti, Buono Pest Control
Vic Palermo, ACE Ultra Safe Pest Management

Bylaws & Ethics

Chair: Nick DiRusso, Pest-End Inc.
David Flynn, Burgess Pest Management

Pesticide Advisory Council

Chair: Bob Leon, ACE, General Environmental Services


Chair: Joe Cardoso, Achieve Pest and Wildlife Solutions

Financial Review

Chair: David Flynn, Burgess Pest Management

Updated on 7/14/2020

NEPMA continues to thrive because of these volunteer leaders. Elections happen each fall for the service year beginning January 1st. If you are interested in serving on the NEPMA Board or a committee, please e-mail

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