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In the U.S., each state has an agency in charge of pesticide-related issues.

It may be called the Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulation, Environmental Conservation or something similar. You might consider contacting your State Pesticide Agency for issues like these:

  • How to comply with pesticide regulations
  • How to become a certified pesticide applicator, operator or dealer
  • How to find local opportunities for applicators’ continuing education
Here are the State Pesticide Agency contacts in the New England states:


Update: Massachusetts applicators are currently limited to receiving no more than ½ of their total credit requirements through online/webinar type trainings within their three year audit cycle. The Mass Department of Agriculture will be extending the time permitted to earn credits and the number of computer-based or online credits that are acceptable for those specific individuals whose current three year retraining or recertification cycle ends in Calendar Year (CY) 2020. For the individuals with a three-year retraining or recertification cycle ending on 07/01/2020, the Department will not only extend the time permitted to earn credits from June 30, 2020, to December 31, 2020, but will also waive the limit on the number of accepted computer-based or online credits or contact hours. This means that individuals with a three-year retraining cycle ending on 07/01/2020 may obtain any portion or all of the needed training credits from online sources.

Update: NEPMA is meeting frequently with MA on the progress towards moving licensing exams online. NEPMA will notify all members as soon as online testing is available

New Hampshire

Rhode Island


NEPMA Keeps You Current

NEPMA hosts training events where professionals can earn the credits required to maintain their applicator licenses. We also work closely with our government agency partners to continue to advance the professional pest management industry. Check out our educational opportunities in the “Education & Training” section of this site and watch for regulatory updates in the monthly e-newsletter “Controlling Interest.”