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The NEPMA 2020 Fall Training is Virtual

$75 | November 2, 3 & 4
7:30-9:50am Monday & Tuesday | 7:30-9:30am Wednesday

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We are very excited to present you the same GREAT educational content we originally had planned for the Fall Conference, this time through a virtual webinar format with GoToWebinar. Earn credits in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT*, and enjoy the convenience of a mobile-friendly platform.

Monday November 2, 2020 7:30-9:50am
  • Welcome from the NEPMA Board
  • Highlights from NEPMA Gold & Silver Sponsors
  • Dr. Bobby Corrigan: COVID Rodents and Control Updates for New England Pest Management Professionals
    Bobby Corrigan will share his international perspective on how COVID19 impacted rodent management. In short, it drove home the fundamentals of IPM. In this talk he’ll share both the fundamentals and secrets of effective pest proofing, trapping, bait station placement, and baiting. This presentation will build the foundation you need to manage rodents in the year ahead.
    Thanks to Bell Laboratories for sponsoring Dr. Corrigan to come!
Tuesday November 3, 2020 7:30-9:50am
  • Welcome from the NEPMA Board
  • Highlights from NEPMA Gold & Silver Sponsors
  • Dr. Bobby Corrigan: The Observational Rodentologist (You)
    In this presentation, Bobby will infuse your day-to-day experience doing rodent management with new knowledge that will make you a better pest management professional. The tools you have—your senses and equipment—will only work for rodent management if you know how to use them. In this session we will cover rodent biology, building science, and landscape design that will inform your inspections and how you use your equipment. You will come away from this session with the knowledge you need to reduce callbacks and justify the value of your service.
    Thanks to Bell Laboratories for sponsoring Dr. Corrigan to come!
Wednesday November 4, 2020 7:30-9:30am
  • Welcome from the NEPMA Board
  • Highlights from NEPMA Gold & Silver Sponsors
  • Dave Colbert from Xcluder: The Importance of Exclusion Practices for Pest Management Professionals
    A focus on the importance of exclusion for both residential and commercial accounts as well as the opportunities and benefits for Pest Management Professionals offering exclusion services to their clients. This session includes an overview of entry points in commercial and residential buildings, exclusion best practices, and industry trends in exclusion services.
  • Dr. Shannon Sked: House Mouse Behavior and Management in Multifamily Settings
    The importance of house mice as a public health pest has increased with recent research into the diseases they carry. At the same time, they are known to be one of the most common pests encountered. With so many people staying home during recent months, this creates a high level of concern for public health in multifamily communities. Learn about how mice behave and recent research on effective house mouse monitoring, including the use of novel technologies such as remote electronic monitoring systems and how the pest control industry can be prepared for effective rodent management.
*Click Here for Credit Information
Refund/Cancellation Policy

All refund and cancellation requests must be made in writing prior to the start of the event and can be emailed to A 100% refund will be provided if a request is made before 7am on Monday November 2nd. Refunds will not be given for no-shows or for refund requests submitted after the event has started.

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EventDate2020-2021 Location
EventFall TrainingDateNovember 2-4, 20202020-2021 LocationVirtual: this page
EventPWIPM Webinar on SEODateNovember 12, 20202020-2021 LocationVirtual:
EventNEPMA Veterans Day Service ProjectDateNovember2020-2021 LocationE-mail for details
EventNEPMA Virtual TriviaDateThursday, November 19th 7-8pm2020-2021 LocationDetails coming soon
EventWDI Recertification ClassDateDecember 4, 20202020-2021 LocationVirtual: Registration coming soon
EventAnnual Meeting (Election of Directors)DateDecember 2, 2020 3-4pm2020-2021 LocationRegister in advance:
EventWDI Registry WorkshopDateJanuary 21-22, 20212020-2021 LocationTBD, expected to be in NH
EventSpring Training & ExpoDateMarch2020-2021 LocationTBD
EventCore Exam CoachingDateFebruary, March, April, May2020-2021 LocationTBD

If you are interested in one of our events, e-mail and we’ll let you know when registration is available.

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