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Formation of the New England PestVets Unit

The  New England PestVets was established in the year 2023. It falls under the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA) PestVets umbrella. NPMA has ambitions to establish veteran committees at the state levels to amplify their efforts and reach.


New England PestVets is dedicated to ensuring Pest Management is an industry of choice for veterans in our region.
Through outreach, advocacy, and support of veterans’ groups and charities, we strive to encourage veterans to pursue rewarding careers in our industry while promoting the tremendous benefits of hiring veterans to our members.

Current Projects

  • Building our list of folks who are interested!
    Update your member profile and select “Veterans in Pest Management” as a Topic of Interest
  • Collecting the names of New England Charities we can support. Send ideas to Tom Drapeau, ACE (
  • Building our social media presence. Join us on Facebook & LinkedIn


  • Did a raffle at 2023 Spring Training and donated $1,234 to 22 Mohawks
  • Contributed to the NPMA PestVets Battalion Buddies event at Legislative Day 2023

Help Lead

We will be calling on member companies to participate in charity and outreach events. Watch our social media, NEPMA newsletter, and direct outreach to those who have selected “Veterans in Pest Management” on their NPMA profile.

If you are interested in serving on the New England PestVets Committee, learn more here.

Do you hire Veterans? Get recognized by NPMA: