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This 2-day training will happen in Zoom.

At 8:55am March 25th & 26th click here to join:

Meeting Handouts

  1. ZOOM Core Exam Review Handout
  2. Regulations Practice Questions
  3. CFPA Practice Questions
  4. IPM Practice Questions
  5. Cimexa Dust Label
  6. Cimexa Dust Label Quiz
  7. Ditrac TP Label
  8. Ditrac TP Label Quiz
  9. Sample Core Exam Practice Questions by Chapter
  10. More License Exam Practice Questions
  11. Onslaught Label
  12. Onslaught Label Quiz

Study Resources

Study Materials and How to Obtain Them
Exam study and preparation should be in process before our sessions. This session is based on the premise and assumption attendees will be familiar to some degree or another with the content of the study materials. This program is designed and intended to support your continuing exam preparation.

  1. Core Manual (3rd Ed.) with MA Core Supplement (2014) This key document is only available for purchase ($51 plus postage) directly from UMass Extension Agency.  Click here for the order form or call the UMass Extension Bookstore at 413-545-5537.  You should order this document as soon as possible!
  2. Chapter 132B (MA Pesticide Control Act) This is the pesticide law and includes the amendments referred to as The Children & Families Protection Act (Sections C-6K)  Click here to download this document or it can be ordered from the UMass Extension Bookstore.
  3. 333CMR (Code of MA Regulations) These are the pesticide rules and regulations, including the school pesticide use regulations (333CMR 14.00) Click here to download this document or it can be ordered from the UMass Extension Bookstore.


Contact your coach Richard Berman:

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